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Thank you for visiting my site!  I am the owner/operator of Interior Arts Services,

a business designed to help those in need of beautifying and coordinating their space - whether it be residentail or commercial, new or old, fancy or rustic.


With over 15 years as a professional art installer, and more than 30 years as a working artist, I bring to you the knowledge and skills I've learned in the field of art and design.


What sets me apart from the ordinary art installer is my expertise when it comes to designing interior spaces.  My primary goal is to help my clients to figure out where their art goes into their space, and hanging art securely.


I work with the client to develop a living area and/or workspace that will highlight their treasures, whether it is art they have just purchased or have owned for generations. This includes family portraits and salon-style photo walls, 3-dimentisional sculptural works, large-scale paintings, and framed works on paper.


I am willing to negotiate a contract price for an entire job. In the event that a second person is required to complete a job, I will negotiate this extra labor cost on the basis of what is required of the help.



Hourly - $80 - $100 for the First Hour. $40 - $60 per hour thereafter until the job is complete.

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Lisa Perrott


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